Monday, December 18, 2006

When the Unexplainable Happens

Sometimes things happen in our lives that are so hard to understand. A car accident that takes a life. A house fire that destroys everything. A healthy, active person that suddenly becomes ill with a terminal disease. The company downsizes and many jobs are lost, yours included. Your world comes to a screeching halt when your child dies.

There are no words to explain such painful circumstances. It takes lots of faith to work through the days of lost dreams, unrest, and brokenness. When the world you once knew suddenly becomes foreign territory, it’s hard to stay focused and look to the future with hope.

God, in His wisdom and love, knew that we would need reminders of His presence with us during our moments of despair. We have only to look at the rainbow stretching across the expanse of the heavens to know that His promises are still true. When we watch the stars twinkling in the moonlit sky we can feel His presence in our darkest hour. When only our tears will fall, we can look at the morning sun breaking through the clouds and know that soon our tears will be dried.

God is our Father, and even though we don’t always understand the pain that comes into our lives, we can trust Him to pull us close and give us shelter through the storm. God is a deeply personal Father and Friend, and He will bless us individually according to our needs.

Hope is alive within the heart of everyone, and is awakened right at the exact moment when we need it most. That is a promise we can count on! -- Clara Hinton

“Sometimes it takes a lot of rain before we see the rainbow. Don’t give up! Your rainbow is there!” --Clara Hinton

“We walk by faith, not by sight.” II Corinthians 5:7