Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trust is Believing When you Cannot See!

This is the season when we are supposed to be filled with joy and thanksgiving, yet it is so difficult to even say those words during times of painful loss. There is an emptiness that won’t go away, that can’t seem to be filled, and that continually gnaws at the heartstrings letting us know that something is wrong.

Remind yourself often that grief is a very private matter, and it affects all of our relationships with family, friends, and our world. Inwardly we know that there will be a day and a time when we can freely and easily say “thank you,” but maybe that day is not right now. The important thing is to know that there will be a day when you will feel joy and thankfulness again.

A good alternative to thankfulness is trusting……trusting that one day you will feel thankful. Trusting that you will smile again. Trusting that you will laugh with others again. Trusting that you will love again.

There is a seed of inner strength we call hope that is embedded deep within the center of your heart, and in due time that seed will sprout. And, you will know because what is now dark will come alive. What is now sorrow will be joy. What is now pain will be peace. Trust and hope and thankfulness will follow! –C. Hinton

“I will trust when I cannot see.” --Clara Hinton

“But as for me, I trust in Thee, O Lord.” --Psalm 31:14a