Monday, February 21, 2011

Hope Arrives When We Least Expect It!

**********Silent Grief Retreat 2011***********
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*********Silent Grief Retreat 2011**************

It happens so gradually that most often we don’t realize it is taking place. We wake up one morning with the sun shining brightly and we smile and welcome the day. We go through twenty four hours without crying. We join in on a conversation and there is laughter minus any guilt. And we realize that we have finally reached our new destination.

The journey wasn’t easy. In fact, we experienced every storm and hardship imaginable. We had many setbacks along the way. But, finally we have found that new place that we can call home. It is different from what we knew as our happiness before, but there is a joy here, too, and we know that we can peacefully settle in and call this new land our home.

Yes, without really know it, we have settled into our new place. There will be setbacks and reminders of our loss, but the pain will no longer take precedence over all that we think and do. Instead, we will have gentle and fond remembrances, and we will shift most of our thoughts to loving gratitude for today. And, most importantly, we will know that the dark side of our grief is no longer our landscape. Instead, we can live in the quiet, serene beauty of hope and peace. –Clara Hinton

“I will walk through this pain of grief one day at a time until I reach my new home of peace and hope.” --Clara Hinton

“I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry…….And, He put a new song in my mouth.” -- Psalm 40: 1 and 3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rest in Him for Your Strength!

For details about the March 18 - 20, 2011 Retreat, please visit Register today and give yourself the gift of hope! I look forwardto seeing you in Warm Springs, Georgia! -Clara Hinton
There are times when we grow so weak from the sorrow and pain of this life that we think we can't go on. We die just a little bit more when others tell us to "buckle up and be strong." How can we be strong when we are so weak we cannot even open our eyes or lift our weary heads from bearing so much pain?

How greatly we are tempted to become depressed and to feel lost in this big world of ours during our moments of heartache and aloneness. This is when we most need to remember the kindness and gentle caring of our Father. He gently and tenderly reminds us to simply trust Him and "be still." Being still during our weakest moments is necessary so that we can be revived. Rest. Be still! Lean completely into the arms of our Father who intimately knows our pain, and allow Him to dry our tears.

By trusting and resting in His strength, we will gain new strength and hope. If today finds you feeling totally lost and depleted, if you are wondering how much longer you can go on, you are in need of complete rest in Him. That's all God really asks of us. Don't try to be strong; just be still and allow His deep love, His tender caring, and His strength to transfuse you with hope and new strength once again! -- Clara Hinton

"God reserves His best medicine for our times of deepest pain." --Clara Hinton

"Be still and know I am God." --Psalm 46:10

Monday, February 7, 2011

Finding the New Normal

“When does this pain of loss end? Is there no relief?” This is often the cry of a parent who has lost a child. The grief seems too big and too hard at times. And, there seems to be no end in sight for the pain and isolation. And, yet we know that somehow, some way life must continue on.

We keep trying; keep reminding ourselves that we must take life one day at a time. In fact, sometimes we take life one hour at a time, giving ourselves the time we need to adjust to our new world, our new way, this life that now is labeled “the new normal.”

And, so we train our minds daily to look for the good, to listen for the song, and to watch for the sunshine and blue skies. We force ourselves to move forward into this world knowing that it will never be the same again, but also understanding that we must choose to move forward into this
new land beyond our grief journey. And, so we do!

Hope is amazing as it teaches us that the very same sun is still shining and waiting to warm us. Nature is still painting the world with beauty beyond words. Our Father is still giving us comfort and help in order to help fill the void. And, so we slowly move forward knowing that one day the curtain of grief will be pulled back and we will be able to see life with new eyes and a heart filled with hope! --Clara Hinton

“There is no way out, but there is a way that goes forward.” --C. Hinton

“Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.” --Isaiah 40:31