Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Heart Can Smile -- Even in the Rain!

The weather is so unpredictable. Sunny and warm one day, and then the next day there could be mighty gusts of wind with torrential downpours. We never know quite what to expect or how to prepare for the unpredictability of the weather!

Grief is so much like the weather. Some days the sun shines and we feel so warm and good all over. Then, without any warning, a storm begins brewing and before we know it, we’re running to find shelter.

The life touched by grief never really knows how to dress for the weather. Will it be raining today, or will there by only sunny skies? Will laughter touch my heart, or will my tears flow fast enough to fill a river?

One thing we do know, and that is that the sudden flashes back into intense grief will not always be that way. There will be a day when our grief no longer is the focus of our entire attention. We will be “okay” if a brief shower comes because we know that soon the skies will part and the sun will shine once again.

What triggers the rain in our lives? It could be something as insignificant as seeing a baby kitten rolling around in the grass. Or a butterfly fluttering to and fro. Maybe it’s a song that comes on the radio that reminds us of the emptiness in our lives. And, we weep tears of sorrow.

We’ll probably never be totally free of these grief flashes, but there will be a day when hope overrides our deep sense of loss and our heart will wear a smile – even in the rain! –C. Hinton

“Somewhere in the middle of my grief is the complete trust that spring will come again!” --Clara Hinton

“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him, my help and my God.” --Psalm 42:5

Monday, August 23, 2010

And, the Clouds Reach Out to Me in Hope!

Today is another day in the 365 days that make up a year. I find myself being swallowed in a sea of grief and pain today, yet I have an inner knowing that somehow, someway it is still going to be good. I know because I have seen another sunrise. I know because I have experienced the joy of hearing the birds in the distance chirping their songs of praise and thankfulness. I know because I’ve seen others fall into a similar sea and come out onto dry land strong, and filled with new hope.

My greatest moment of “knowing” comes when I look at creation. Not all of us have the opportunity to walk along the sea, or to pick wildflowers from a field, but
each one of us has the sky! Can you even begin to fathom the expanse? Study the moods of the sky by following the clouds and their many changes from dark to white and fluffy billows of cotton floating through the air.

When I look at the heavens I am filled with hope! I know that I have a Creator who takes great pain in every detail, including the very details of my life. I can feel His presence in my life, and I am comforted. I can see His workmanship and know that He is very involved in my life. I can see His mighty power in all of His creation and I feel embraced in His strength.

What are you going through today? Pain? Doubts? Loss? Fear? Look to the heavens and allow the Maker of it all to hold you in His strong arms and to keep you safe! Hope is near. Strength is yours. Peace is your gift today! --Clara Hinton

“Beneath the vast expanse of the sky, I can sense the order of the world and feel secure in the arms of my God.” --C. Hinton

“My soul clings to Thee; thy right hand upholds me.” -Psalm 63:8