Monday, July 2, 2007

Grief is an Emotional Roller Coaster

Sometimes the emotional roller coaster that we feel with grief seems like it’s never going to end. One day we’re okay, then two days later we’re immobilized with the ache in our heart caused from loss. There’s no real explanation, but we know what we’re feeling is powerful and real and all we want to do is escape to a place that feels good again.

It helps to remember that our emotions are like waves. They wash over us, and each time a bit more of our sorrow is removed, washed away, and sent out to sea. The emotions keep returning – coming and going – until one day we find that these painful feelings have weakened. They no longer overcome us and leave us feeling like we are totally out of control.

When we feel like the deep sea of grief is never going to calm, remember that each wave is a necessary part of the process. Each wave is, in fact, working to help bring some healing.

We cannot avoid the pain that comes with grief, but we can understand it better, and when we do we realize that this pain will not last forever. Joy will eventually enter the center of our heart until one day we will be able to smile once again! -- Clara Hinton

“When the sea of grief washes over me, I am being bathed in new hope for the journey ahead.” -- Clara Hinton

“I will turn all my mountains into roads.” Isaiah 49:11