Monday, May 18, 2009

Hope is in the Call of the Whippoorwill!

The sun is shining, but I don’t see it. The air is warm, but I don’t feel it. The food is cooking, but I don’t smell it. I’m in pain, and nobody else acknowledges it.

Those are the words spoken be a broken heart, and sadly that has become the battle cry of millions of fellow sufferers in this new and foreign land called “grief.”

If you are now in this place of grief, only one thing will truly help you to begin to feel healing – and that one thing is HOPE!!!!

Hope is in the call of the whippoorwill echoing across the hills and vales. Hope is seen in the ebb and flow of the ocean waves lapping up to shore. Hope is found in the morning sunrise and the evening sunset. Hope is found in the smile of a stranger walking down the road.

Hope is alive and lives within the heart and soul of every human being. And, somehow hope knows when it is needed most, and will arrive in many different ways to let you know that you are never, ever alone! --Clara Hinton

“For Thou art my HOPE.” --Psalm 71:5a