Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring is a Season of Hope

When your heart feels heavy from the burden of grief, it is good to seek out reminders that the gift of hope is alive within us. One of the best reminders of hope is the season of spring.

When you are weary from grief, take a rest outside by a babbling brook, or sit for a while under the starry sky. Spend a few moments watching the butterflies at play as they flit to and fro enjoying the gifts of nature. Listen to the sounds of the birds in the far off distance singing their songs of cheer as they glide through the early morning sky.

Take a close look at the blade of grass as it is pushing its way through the soil and be reminded that following every winter there is a spring. With spring comes the freshness of a new season. There are colorful bursts of flowers, sunrises that will take your breath away, and magical moments of serenity that will fill your soul with peace that can only come from our heavenly Father.

Grief continually presents us with all kinds of reasons to be lonely and afraid. But spring presents us with gifts of hope to carry us through our pain and fear. Embrace every moment of springtime and be filled with hope! -Clara Hinton

“Springtime erases all doubts that God is near and has not left me alone in my grief and fear.” --Clara Hinton

“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” -Psalm 19:1

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Breaking Away from the Darkness

When our lives are suddenly hit by grief, we are thrown into a space of nothingness. It seems like the curtains have been drawn shut, and no light can get in. Our world is suddenly frightening, lonely, and full of darkness. We feel isolated, and we have no clue how to break out of this new place that is called grief.

There is really nothing one can say about grief except that it is a pain that hurts like nothing else. It is a feeling that makes everything around us seem out of synch and nothing seems right. Grief places demands on our emotional, physical, and spiritual energy to the point of exhaustion clear to the core of our soul. We are in need of help. We are in need of hope!

What can sustain us through long periods of grief? What helps us not to be totally crushed? Often we are not even aware of help when it comes to tenderly care for us. Hope arrives on the scene immediately and begins to lovingly give us reminders that we are not alone, and that we will make it through this pain and break free of darkness.

Along with special hugs and smiles from friends, God sends us His special reminders every day. He gives us the bright sunshine to warm our souls. He sends us the stars at night to guide us through the darkness. He gives us the babbling brook to remind us of His word that quenches our thirst. He gives us flowers that bloom to give our landscape of life a burst of majestic color. He gives us hope to take away our darkness! --Clara Hinton

“When God is in me, my darkness leaves.” --Clara Hinton

“The Lord is my light…..” Psalm 27:1 a

Monday, April 9, 2007

Giving Thanks in All Things

Did you ever wonder why “giving thanks in all things” has been put in the bible? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has struggled with that portion of Scripture. In fact, I know that I’m not the only one.

Most of us can be thankful when the tide is flowing in our direction, when the sun is shining upon our face, and when all good things are coming our way. But, when our lives are shattered, battered, and tattered, it’s another story. The words “thank you” don’t even come to mind, much less come from our lips. Yet……………we are told that it’s good and right for us to give thanks always.

When grief enters the door of our heart, we often speak a foreign language for a long time. We cry tears of pain and loneliness, and our hearts ache so bad that we cannot even think, let alone speak. The only utterances that come from us are groans of pain. The emptiness that we feel cannot be described. How can we give thanks?

I am convinced that God understands our hearts when they are full of grief, and He allows us to feel the pain, walk the journey, and come back to Him in order than we might once again say “thank you” for the blessings of life, for the miracles found in each day, and for the hope of heaven.

If you are struggling in your walk today, and cannot say “thank you”, don’t allow the additional burden of guilt to weigh you down. God knows you, He knows your heart, and He loves you. He will instill within you enough hope to carry you to a place of thankfulness in time. For today, rest in His arms, and allow His love to warm your broken heart, and feel His peace. –Clara Hinton

“Every day contains the gift of hope.” --C. Hinton

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1